Clear principles and a simple approach guide our process
We place the needs and interests of our clients at the center of everything we do. Our primary objective is to help our clients manage their financial and human capital for generations.

Our Principles

Our commitment to serving our clients is built on five key principles that guide everything we do.

Embody Integrity

We are committed to fundamental moral and ethical behavior, honesty, fairness, and accountability.

Pursue Excellence

We represent the interests of our clients exclusively, as we seek to produce measurable success through persistent and diligent effort.

Think Holistically

We approach problems from multiple perspectives and time frames to deeply understand the issues and develop optimal solutions.

Empower People

We help our clients and colleagues establish and achieve goals, make good choices, and improve their powers of reasoning and judgment.

Respect Capital

We provide research, analysis, and guidance to help people manage their financial and human capital for generations.

Our Approach

We simplify the process of managing wealth to make things more efficient and easier to understand.


We take a systems-based approach to solving problems that focuses on the building blocks of managing wealth, including investing, tax management, estate planning, and philanthropy.


We pledge to avoid all conflicts of interest. Our focus is exclusively on the interests of our clients, which allows us to provide unbiased research, analysis, and guidance.


We've developed the expertise to solve complex problems—and cultivated an extensive network of expert advisors—through decades of working with some of America's most demanding investors.

Fee Structure

Rather than charge fees based upon the level of your assets, we have fixed pricing for each service. We do not manage investments, we don't transfer assets to our firm, and we don't require you to change advisors. Instead, we provide independent analysis while working within your current wealth-management structure.


Part of our commitment to providing unbiased guidance is ensuring that our clients understand our recommendations within the context of their personal objectives and priorities. With that goal in mind, we've developed a number of proprietary models to help clients visualize the impact of financial decisions on their overall lives.

Our Conflict of Interest Policy

We pledge that in connection with the services performed for our clients, neither the company nor any employee will solicit or receive any payment or compensation, either directly or indirectly, from any party other than the client.

Payment or compensation includes, but is not limited to, gifts, discounts, and other benefits that would not otherwise have been made available were it not for the work being performed for the client.


Martiros Strategies was founded in 2010 by Stephen Martiros, a wealth management expert with more than 25 years of experience working with private investors, entrepreneurs, and family offices.

In 2016 Stephen founded Financial Building Blocks®, a modular education platform that helps people learn the basics of personal finance. This proprietary software application is effective for both individual and group learning, and can easily be tailored to the specific needs and knowledge levels of any client.

From 2007 to 2010, Stephen founded and served as CEO of Summitas, an award-winning cloud application that provides family offices and investment advisors with a secure client portal. He was awarded multiple patents, including one for interactive advertising, and another for an animated user interface for computer displays.

From 2001 to 2010, Stephen served as the Managing Partner of CCC Alliance, where he helped build America's largest private network of single-family offices and led CCC Alliance to the "Family Office of the Year" award presented by Institutional Investor's Private Asset Management magazine.

Stephen started his career as an investment advisor with E.F. Hutton (now Morgan Stanley) and later worked with Alex. Brown & Sons (now Deutsche Bank).

Stephen received his BS and MBA from Babson College, where he serves on the Board of Overseers, is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence helping to develop the Babson Institute for Family Entrepreneurship, and is a recipient of the college's Snyder Award for Distinguished Service. Stephen lives with his wife and children in suburban Boston.