Unbiased guidance for private investors and family offices
Martiros Strategies specializes in helping people manage the complexities of wealth. We provide consulting, due diligence, and education services for private investors and family offices.

Consulting Services

We help people manage important financial transitions, including the transfer of wealth to the next generation; liquidity events such as the sale of a business or an IPO; and personal challenges like divorce or the death of a loved one.

We begin with a comprehensive diagnostic to evaluate a client’s overall wealth management needs, personal goals, and unique concerns. Our assessment includes a complete analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s current wealth management process, and results in detailed recommendations, and suggested priorities for moving forward.

The end product is a flexible framework for managing wealth that is customized for each client’s specific objectives.

Virtual Family Office Framework

Due Diligence Services

The choice of an investment advisor is potentially the most important factor influencing investors’ long-term results. Our due diligence service provides investors, trustees, investment committees, and family offices with an independent and comprehensive analysis of investment advisors, wealth managers, private banks, and investment consultants.

Our due diligence process starts by clearly identifying the client’s requirements. We then develop criteria based upon their specific requirements for services and expertise.

From there, we evaluate and rate advisors by a number of factors including overall strengths and weaknesses, services offered, business model, and a cost-benefit analysis. Finally, we use our Due Diligence Matrix to present a comparison of client options.

Due Diligence Matrix

Education & Training Services

In the course of our work with clients, we’ve come to appreciate that many families are concerned about the transfer of wealth and responsibility to the next generation.

This experience led us to develop Financial Building Blocks®, a modular education system that helps people master the basics of personal finance. Our proprietary training platform is designed to be flexible: It can be taught in live tutoring sessions or via a self-paced online software application, and it’s effective for both individual and group learning.

The system is easily tailored to the specific needs and knowledge levels of any family, and allows our clients to track and reward individual family members as they progress.

The Impact of Knowledge on Family Wealth
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